About Togakushi

Welcome to Togakushi

The Togakushi faith is deeply and inextricably tied to the sacred mountain and its surrounding natural area. Mt. Togakushi has been regarded as a place of mountain worship since the days of old. At the end of the Heian period, this mountain became a “training ground” for ascetics, and since then, Togakushi gained a reputation as a spiritual haven.
This alluring forest reserve, with its bird watching mecca, sanctuary of unique flora and fauna, and pristine flowing streams everywhere, expresses the changing of the seasons in beautiful natural scenery.


Well-known for its role in the ancient legend of Ama-no-iwato and recently attracting more and more visitors who are enthusiastic about the booming “Power Spot” trend, Togakushi was very famous at the end of the Heian Period for being a sacred place.
Hermits lived an ascetic life of meditation far away from the world in a total of 33 caverns discovered in the steep Togakushi mountain range.
Many fossil shells have also been found around the summit of Mt. Togakushi indicating that the Togakushi mountain range was formed by the rise and erosion of an underwater volcano, making it the perfect site to witness an extremely distinctive, harsh yet beautiful landscape.


Togakushi is one of Japan’s greatest outdoor leisure paradises. It is a mecca of biodiversity, both in terms of fauna and flora. There are plenty of trekking courses leading to the foot of the Togakushi mountain range and to the five shrines, allowing one to experience a history that has remained unspoiled for more than 1000 years. This pristine natural environment surrounds the shrines of Togakushi, which are places filled with energy and enveloped in clean air. Enjoy the rich natural landscape as you walk along the beautiful trails and mountains and immerse yourself in the stunning nature of Togakushi.


Spend a day in Togakushi to heal your body and soul.
As Joseph Cornell, the founder of the Sharing Nature movement wrote, “to create a society that truly loves and reveres the natural world, we must offer its citizens life-changing experiences in nature.”
Here you can experience many different activities against the magnificent landscape: walking in the forest, camping, bird watching, trekking, ebike riding, trail running, or follow the ancient path, visit the five shrines, and take in all of the natural scenery.
We can also provide you with special course itineraries that include making your own soba noodles, weaving a bamboo basket or experiencing Ninja-themed content.
The rich cultural and natural heritage of Togakushi is waiting for you!

Winter in Togakushi

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and known for its great powder snow, Togakushi is one the most ideal places for skiing.
At Togakushi Ski Resort, you can experience the magic of our powder snow. With a 660-meter vertical drop, the resort offers a total of 20 km of runs open to skiers and snowboarders.
The resort is excellent for families as it offers 19 different courses for beginner, intermediate, or advanced skiers.
From the top of Mt. Meno (1,748 meters), the highest point of the resort, a spectacular 360-degree panoramic vista encompasses breathtaking views of Lake Nojiriko, the Japanese Alps, and Mt. Fuji.

For more information, please refer to the official website HERE.

Togakushi is famous for its regular snowfalls that lay a white powdery blanket across the vast forest surrounding the five shrines, making it the perfect place to practice snowshoeing or cross-country skiing if you like to avoid crowded places and enjoy the stillness of Togakushi’s natural scenery.


Fun and easy to learn, snowshoeing is the best way for tourists of all ages to explore the back country and discover the natural beauty of Togakushi. Places usually difficult to reach in summer because of the dense vegetation, become accessible in the winter with snowshoes.
Rentals are available at our Tourist Information Center.

Cross-country skiing

Togakushi’s extensive network of cross-country ski trails is completely free of charge. Running along the foot of the Togakushi Range, the trails connect such scenic locations as Kagami-ike Pond and the beautiful thatched gate Zuijinmon, which stands halfway to Okusha Shrine.
You also can leave the main trails to observe wildlife, visit the forest’s oldest trees, and more…
Rentals are available at the Togakure restaurant near the ski resort.