About Togakushi

Nestled deep in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture, Togakushi is one of Japan’s well-hidden treasures with something to offer visitors of all ages. Because it was virtually inaccessible until modern times, the natural scenery has been practically untouched for millennia, when mountains such as the Togakushi Range were objects of religious worship. Togakushi Shrine is among Japan’s most famous and has come to be known as a power spot for the energy the centuries-old surrounding forest exudes. The area is also famous as a ninja training ground, and the related history and amusement facilities will thrill children and adults alike. If you prefer a more athletic vacation, there is no shortage of places to ski both downhill and cross-country or hike surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Away from the crowds and hustle and bustle of the big city, Togakushi has something to offer everyone from delicious soba and local crafts to stunning views and idyllic natural scenery.


We’ve put together some trip ideas for walking around, traveling and spending time in Togakushi. Whether you want to visit its most popular sites or dive deep into its history and culture, we hope you’ll find the right course for you.