Trip Ideas

Model Nature Hike Course (autumn)

If you want to experience the “full course” of Togakushi’s natural scenery, start your morning with a roughly 1-hour hike that passes by several of Togakushi’s ponds and lakes on your way to the Togakushi Botanical Forest Garden. Take a break for lunch along the way in an idyllic setting looking out on one of the lakes. In the afternoon, after you’ve satisfied your eyes and soul with the beauty of nature, satisfy your curiosity and inner-child at the Togakushi Folk Museum and Ninja House.

Nagano Station

After arrival at Nagano station take bus number 70 bound for Togakushi Campsite.
Get off the bus at the Chusha bus stop. It takes approximately 1 hour 3 minutes from Nagano Station.

Address : 1355-5 Suehirocho, Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken 380-0825 Japan

Bus timetable : Click here

70 minutes


You won’t want to miss the amazing photo opportunities here. Situated near the Chusha Shrine, this small pond offers a unique view of the Togakushi range and surrounding forest reflected in its surface that is simply stunning.

15 minutes


Located halfway between Kotoriga-ike Pond and Kagami-ike Pond. The name of this stone comes from her shape which is quite similar to the shape of an ink stone used for traditional calligraphy. You will find breathtaking views of the Northern Alps here.

30 minutes


This is the most famous waterscape in Togakushi. Kagami-ike translates to mirror lake. Many painters and photographers come here to eternalize their memories of the area with one of the most iconic images in Togakushi.

0 minutes

Donguri House Restaurant

Relax and savor an original soba galette (French style) or any of the other delicious treats offered at the Donguri House Restaurant. Sit outside on their deck and enjoy the most beautiful view on the pond while you eat!

Address : 2039-10 Togakushi, Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken 381-4101 Japan

60 minutes


From Donguri House take the path to Zuijin-mon gate.
It is a gentle walk through a superb wild forest. Plan for it to take roughly one hour.
At Zuijin-mon take the magnificent Okusha path on your right to the Okusha-sando entrance.

20 minutes

Togakushi Folk Museum and Ninja House

Just across the road you will find the Togakushi Folk Museum and Ninja House. (Closed in winter.) Togakushi is the home of Togakure Ninjutsu, one of the three major ninjutsu schools of Japan. For more information have a look at our homepage under “Togakushi and Ninja” or contact us at :

2 minutes

Togakushi Okusha bus stop

Depart from the Togakushi Okusha bus stop.
It takes approximately 1 hour 11 minutes to Nagano station.

Note: If you need a guide with an English interpreter, please contact us via e-mail. There are bears in this area, so we advise traveling in a group with a bell attached to your backpack.

Disclaimer: The Togakushi Tourism Association refuses all responsibility for accidents occurring when unaccompanied by a guide.